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The warrior woman representing Britain, ancient Celtic Britain became black

The ancient Celtic warrior, the symbol of British mint, portrays Britain as a black woman with a completely misunderstood, far-left “equality.” A sunra Referring to. Since everyone knows that the ancient Celtic queens were not black, all of this can be described as a conscious falsification of the past.

Royal Mint has for the first time in the UK issued a coin depicting Britain as a national icon, a black woman.

The “new” Britain of the currencySource: Royal Mint

Coins are now available for purchase on the “Premium Exclusive” product line on the Royal Mint website, the Sun reported. Since they are collector coins, Mint did not issue them. Britain has been depicted on many coins over the centuries, dating back to the Roman period, 2,000 years ago. In the 17th century, during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. From the beginning of the 19th century, the historical symbol was reused.

Britain was at one time the other national symbol in the company of the British LionSource: Wikimedia Commons / Magslair99

It last appeared on the 50 pence coin in 1971, and can also be found on the current 2 pound coins.

The current decision was largely taken in the name of ‘progress’ (meaning extreme left-wing culture) and ‘modernism’ in multicultural Britain. Director, Royal Mint Commemorative Currency Division, Claire McLennan He explained what he thought It’s time to dump her and move on. “Britain is a lasting symbol of the people, and as the nation develops, it is right that it emerges in the pictures it takes.” He added that Royal Mint is “emerging”.

The artist who designed the new coin, P.J. Lynch He said he wanted to portray Britain as “strong, determined and attractive” to reflect the diversity of the 21st century British nation.

The decision to portray Britain as a colorful woman was not accidental. Royal Mint announced last year that it would offer “greater diversity” in British currencies. That’s why he introduced the new 50 cents with the inscription “Diversity Built Britain”.

Picture of Britain for the first time Hadrianus During the reign of the Roman emperor, AD. II. Appeared on Roman coins minted in the 16th century, depicting a woman wearing a spear and armor.

Britain on an ancient coinForce: Getty Images / CM Dixon / Heritage Images / Print Collector

By 2021, in the increasingly multicultural UK, this warrior woman will be black.

The extreme left see this as a sign of “progress” and “growth”, but the truth is that this is the most common fraud in history, Because everyone knew that the ancient Celtic queens (among whom the medals were modeled) were not black.

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