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The Washington Post criticized the management of the immigrant crisis in the United States

He criticized the government’s handling of the migrant crisis on the US southern border, and the “consistent strategy” of US President Joe Biden’s administration on illegal immigrants vanished in an article published Sunday in the Washington Post.

“The Biden government, which was clearly desperate to impose order on increasingly uncontrolled immigration through some immigration strategy, unleashed a deluge of words and goals that lacked any concrete policy, no timeline,” the article’s author said. “Some of the harmful measures taken by the Trump government were undone and rescinded, but it did not have a clear timetable for dealing with the current crisis,” the newspaper wrote.

According to the article, the inconsistent policies of the Biden government could result in Democrats losing their current majority in the House of Representatives in the US legislature as well as in the Senate in the 2022 midterm elections.

The daily noted that while US Vice President Kamala Harris has developed a long-term strategy to address the factors currently encouraging illegal immigration in Central America, they write, there is a lack of an actual action plan. According to the article, it is also considered a failure to relax or cancel travel restrictions, While the vice president asked immigrants not to try to go to the United States. “This measurable failure is a political honor,” the paper said.

Border guards detained a record number of nearly 190,000 immigrants at the southern US border in June, despite previous experience that summer heat generally prevents immigrants from setting out. According to the latest reports, another record was set in July, when 210 thousand immigrants were detained. However, last month’s data has not been officially announced. Since the start of the fiscal year, authorities have arrested 1.1 million immigrants.

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Border guards and immigrants at the New Mexico border on July 22, 2021Source: Agence France-Presse / Paul Ratje

“Horrified by the numbers, the administration – angry at immigration followers – announced that it would maintain Trump-era public health measures that would prevent immigrant families from seeking asylum at the southern border,” the newspaper wrote. “However, the measure known as Article 42 has proven increasingly ineffective as a deterrent. Migrants repeatedly try to cross the border, even if they know they can be expelled without having to process an asylum application,” the article’s author added.

According to a report by US Customs and Border Protection (CBP), 34 percent of immigrants arrested in June for trying to cross the border illegally have tried to enter US territory at least once in recent years. Single adults still make up the largest group of immigrants, Although down 3 per cent in June. In contrast, the number of unaccompanied minors and families trying to cross illegally has increased.