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The water polo team also lost to the United States

The Olympic bronze medalist Hungarian volleyball team could play for seventh place at the World Cup in Budapest, as it lost to the United States in an 11-11 draw with five points on Friday.

Teams started with a poor lead, had to wait about three minutes for the first goal, at which point Varga Duns noticed the American goalkeeper was walking to block the center of the goal, and the classic Olympic champion hit the goal with a massive drop. .

The match started in our favourPhoto: Sindoor Ksudae – Orego

Christine Mannhirch consolidated his lead at home, and the Americans opened the scoring with a free throw goal. After selling a good ball, the outside team tied and then advanced with a free kick. One minute before the end of the quarter, DM Nagy saved the superiority of two men at close range, and 1.3 seconds before the whistle of the Manchurch shot passed under the arm of the American goalkeeper.

The second half passed at a high pace, but without a goal, then the goal of Georg Zalinki with his left hand broke the rhythm, and after a minute, Gergeli Buren, who reached the penalty mark, scored from the goalkeeper. The Americans ran away after a while, Alexander Bowen made a nice skewed shot past Vogel Soma, and later Jake Earhardt pounded the Zolten Ball block and into the hole. However, three Hungarian men also did not succeed.

The Americans did not give up for a momentPhoto: Sindoor Ksudae – Orego

At the end of the second minute of the third set, the Americans equalized again from their two-point lead, but on the right side, the French player missed the result of a bad pass. The Hungarians took the lead thanks to Mannhirsh’s single shot, and Nagy successfully finished the lead. The bar didn’t break, shooter Benjamin Stevenson ran over the waves, getting a clearance a second before the whistle was blown – and Balzs Hrai couldn’t make it back – and Hannes Daube made no mistake.

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At the start of the first eight minutes, the Americans took the lead with a free kick – Zolten Pohl also scored – but Varga, on the other hand, beat the American goalkeeper with a free kick, who moved to receive the pass, but instead the ball fell into the net. The Hungarian defense continued with loopholes, and the Americans easily took advantage of the man, and then went two goals after one against Mannhirsh. Zalnki brought back hopes, and Mrcz Tams revived me with Lvai Mrton in goal.

The Tames Center team can play in eighth placePhoto: Sindoor Ksudae – Orego

We played with a lot of mistakes, they took the ball away from Nagy, but moments later he made a mistake and he was fair.

The Americans had a man advantage a minute before the end, but Levi scored the goal. The goal also came on the right side, but after the captain’s spell, Mannhirch’s shot was saved by Adrian Weinberg.

Vogel Soma couldn’t defend in the Battle of TeaPhoto: Sindoor Ksudae – Orego

In the team battle, only one player, Vmos Mrton, made a mistake – Varga, Nagy, Manhercz and Zalnki were confident – and the Americans achieved great success.

Swiss captain Tams Markaz’s team will meet Montenegro, whom they defeated 12-8 in the group stage, in the qualifying round on Sunday.

“It’s hard to say what we’re saying now. Basically, we are a better team, but except for the defeat against the Italians, we couldn’t stand it. We wanted it, we started, but it can be done. Thanks to the audience for their encouragement. I hope to hear this from them in the last match,” he commented on the M4 Sport camera after the match Krisztin ManherczHungarian national football team player.

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Kristen Manjerkz scored three goals in the matchPhoto: Sindoor Ksudae – Orego

Score, men’s water polo, 5-8. Right:
USA – Hungary 16-15 (3-4, 2-2, 3-2, 3-3, 5-4) – on penalties
Hungary: Soma Vogel – Angel Dennell, Kristen Manjercz, Varga Duns, Harry Balzes, Vos Merton, Georg Zalenke, – Substitute: Levi Merton (goalkeeper), Zolten Ball, Zillerd Jansek, Tams Mizzi, Gerg Boren, Nagy DM
Modify: Daube 3, Stevenseon, Bowen 2-2, Ehrhardt, Irving, Dodd, Woodhead 1-1, Manhercz, Nagy. 3-3, Farga D.; , Zalinki 2-2, Buren 1-1