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The whole of Italy was shocked when Terence Hill started speaking his mother tongue

Perhaps even the biggest Bud Spencer-Terence Hill fan has heard of this curiosity.

But even if they hear it, they know it’s only once in their life. And that might not be enough if they were a creative couple the size of the adored husband in Hungary. Terrence Hill Budd Spencer duo, which distributed the world of cinema with the latest novelties, turned to the West, while also to some extent renewing it, embellished with a lot of humor and, of course, irony. It happened many times that the characters in the movies came from the circus world, and this really predicted what we were going to show on the screen.

Few know, but there are also the names of the famous Bud Spencer punches, such as the bird pigeon.

Here's the forgotten movie in which Bud Spencer and Terence Hill debuted together - with Hungarian subtitles!

Here’s the forgotten movie in which Bud Spencer and Terence Hill debuted together – with Hungarian subtitles!

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Dozens of books have been published about both characters in recent decades (for example, many articles written in Hungarian by Levente Király, Very interesting work Also), which will likely have a sequel where Terence Hill is still actively filming, will return several times in the Don Matteo giant series even in the upcoming period. And there’s a very creative and funny moment for the Don Matteo series that really connects the entirety of Terence Hill’s work to Don Matteo’s massive universe.

For the first time in the series, Terence Hill speaks the real Italian voice after the American films, so it may have been strange for Italian-speaking audiences to hear the actor’s real voice after decades of dubbing. The actor reflects on this in several scenes in the series anyway.

How could all this happen?

His films shot abroad in English even got an Italian dubbing upon their arrival in Italy and were called not by Terence Hill, but by another Italian. So the somewhat strange thing happened that the original voice of one of the most famous Italian actors in the world became known to Italy only after the turn of the millennium.

Here is the first scene in the series as it arrives:

Terence Hill is fluent in German, as her mother was of German descent:

Cover photo: Profimedia

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