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The Williams team boss made a strong mention of one of their pilots in 2022

While more and more people are talking about a real chance for George Russell to pursue a career at Mercedes in 2022, Williams have a lot of question marks about their pilots.

On the other hand, team boss Just Capito said on the Belgian major weekend to ask if there were really any signs of that. Nicholas Latifi He would stay with them the next year, and he replied, “Yes, I say yes.”

And the Canadian rider has never hidden the fact that he wants to race at Williams in 2022, and said on Thursday that a seventh place finish in Hungary could help his cause even more:

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“I definitely think my result in Budapest won’t make my chances worse, and it’s not up to me to decide how much I can help. The team knows what I can do.”

“Although the situation in Hungary is unique, I showed that I was able to take advantage of the opportunity, which is very important in Formula 1,” added Latifi.

Capito also added that the team believes that Latifi is strong enough to be the captain of the team when needed.

“He may not be there yet, but he is constantly developing from race to race and I’m sure he will be able to do that by the end of the season. He mostly has the personality to lead the team.”

“He works great with the engineers and has a very motivating effect on them. He clearly shows the direction he wants to go with improvements, and the team loves him very much and says what he wants.”

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“I think he also learned a lot from George, as they have been together for a long time, plus they tend to spend time with each other off the pitch. So their relationship is great and I’m sure Nikki will be in a position to lead the team by the end of the season,” said the chief the team.

If Russell Williams leaves, the Grove Barn can choose from a number of options: According to the news, Jack Aitken, Nico Hulkenberg, Daniel Cavegat, Valtteri Bottas and even Nick de Vries may have a chance to meet.

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