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The winners of the 39th Hungarian Press Photo Competition have been announced

a Hungarian Press Photo Contest Perhaps the only cultural event in Hungary, which has been held continuously every year for 39 years, through historical regulations and changes – mentioned Andras Pankotti and Tamas Zegeti, organizers of the competition, in announcing the results online.
According to them, more people applied for a call this year than last year – the number of photos submitted increased by more than a thousand – so 296 photographers submitted 2,515 posts, for a total of 7,237 photos.
Among the best photos of the competition, the traditional yearbook will also be published this year, but the 39th Hungarian Press Photo Gallery will be held in the open air in an unusual way due to the epidemiological situation, according to plans beside Műcsarnok and later in several large rural cities. The venue and date of the exhibitions will be announced at a later time.

Photography by László Roland Pozsonyi (168 hours) titled Photography, Shout, Who Won First Prize for Photography (Unique) Human Paintings in

Source: MTI / Roland László Pozsonyi

The members of the international jury are: Tamás Szlukovényi, Curator of Modern Conflict Archives in Toronto / London, and former Editor in Chief of Global Photography at Reuters (Chair); Heidi Levine is a freelance American photojournalist based in Israel who works for French photography agency Sipa Press. Stephan Arnault, editor-in-chief of Agence France-Presse; Hannah Hess, Director of Content Development at the Environmental Protection Agency; Tamas Zigeti, photojournalist, curator of the Hungarian Press Photo Gallery since 2015.
Tamás Szlukovényi confirmed that the Coronavirus epidemic has left its mark on almost everyone’s lives in the past year, so inevitably on the photojournalism contest photos. The head of the jury reported that a lot of photographers used their cameras almost as a therapeutic device, even they were filming their families.
However, he added, it was not just images of the epidemic that triumphed: images of human problems dominated this year as well, in keeping with the traditions of Hungarian photography.

The winners of the MOSZ Grand Prix and André Kertész Grand Prix, with the support of the Ministry of Human Resources, will be announced at the opening of the Hungarian Press Photo Gallery in July.

Photo by photojournalist Zoltán Balogh (MTI / MTVA) from the Covid-19 series in Hungary, which won first prize in the Photo Report category in the 39th Hungarian Press Photo Competition.

Source: MTI / Zoltán Balogh

Zoltán Balogh (MTI / MTVA) won the Márton Munkácsy Award for Best Group, Zoltán Szalay won the Best Photojournalist Under 30 by Márton Béres (Népszava), and won the Best Provincial Photojournalist Award was Istvan M. Keriks (Independent).
Róbert Hegedűs (Magyar Hírlap) was awarded the Károly Escher Prize for Best News in Hungary, and Milán Radisics (Radex Media Group Kft.) Won the Idea Sustainability Award.

The photo Landscape of Sustainability received a Special Sustainability Award

Source: Radix Milan

Róbert Hegeds ranked first in the Hír category, the juvenile rating was Róbert Hegedűs, and the best series in the category Picture Report was by Zoltán Balogh. Simon Móricz-Sabján (Global Economy) graduated first in the two categories of Everyday Life (Individual) and Everyday Life (Series).
The jury ranked László Roland Pozsonyi (168 hours, Pesti Hírlap) first in the Human Representation (Singles) category, and Tünde Nemes (Independent) and Márton Neményi ( also won first prize in the Image Human Representation (Series) category .
Zoltán Balogh also won the award for best in the arts (individual) category, while Lili Anna Chripkó (independent) was the best in the art (series) category. Bernadette Szabo (Reuters) graduated at the top of the sport (singles) category, and Peter Salmas (the Hungarian Olympic Committee) was ranked first in the sport (series) category.

Nature and Science (Unique Category Winner: Cet and Humans. Tourists see a huge whale shark on the Philippine island of Cebu. The harmless giant that eats plankton is the largest species of living shark, reaching a length and weight of 10 meters to 10 meters). 19 tons, as that There is a high demand for shark fins in China, the locals in the south of the island live by fishing, and huge whale sharks are also killed, but they live with them around Oslo to protect the sharks. Kinds to our grandchildren.

Source: Ferenc Lőrincz Jr.

1st place in the category of Nature and Science (Individual) is Junior. Ferenc Lőrincz (Independent), while Milán Radisics (Radex Media Group Kft.) Nature and Science Category (Series) Won.
Ákos Stiller (Freelance) won first prize in the Social Acting and Documentary Photography (Singles) category, and Zsófi Sivák (Independent) was a pioneer in the Social Acting and Documentary Photography (Series) category.

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