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The women’s shirts will also be playing in makeup matches

While the most important thing about our womens shirts, of course, is to give their best match performance, beating their current opponent, they also make sure they stay feminine. They also tell our sheets how this is possible: For example, they use special waterproof paint for their makeup that does not wash in the pool in this way.

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Greta Goresati painted her nails blue, which matches her injured finger’s bandage. / Photo: Zeta Bosoni

“Even though we play tough sports, we always try to make sure we stay feminine. For example, I also use make-up for matches. I take it, and I like it, it’s a pre-match routine. I do all this because I consider meeting day a day off – explained Dorotia.” Szilaji, national team player.

Greta Goresati, who, like her peers, has injuries to her fingers, always makes sure to have her nails painted beautifully.

“Pink is my favorite color, but I like red too. It’s now painted blue, and it fits into my finger strings.” – There are a lot of players in the national team who like to show their feminine side in matches too. However, I’m not going to shine the spotlight on this, but the team unity that sets us apart Everyone focuses on getting the most out of the Olympics We are really looking forward to the start of the games and we want to win a medal.

National team goalkeeper, 20-year-old Alda Manon Magari, thinks it’s important to have perfect nails.

“Having it painted red on my hands and feet is also a mantra. My hat is red, and this is one of the colors of the Hungarian flag, and it is also associated with my former club, Honved. Until now, red nails have always brought good luck, so I will continue to insist on it,” said the young shirt . “ Makeup isn’t that important to me, but of course I try to make sure I stay feminine in the water, too.

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Team building coaching after the Olympics

Federal Captain Attila Beru said he will host the team members after the Tokyo Olympics.

Until matches, the focus is on physical, tactical and mental preparation. On the rest days, I’ll release the players, and they’ll have to recharge. “We will hold team building training after the Olympic Games, and I will invite players to my winery,” said the coach.