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The world of PUBG is expanding with Western gameplay

Krafton Inc. Don’t waste time, which has been tampering with the rights of PUBG, as the cover has already been pulled from the third installment in the battle royale universe. And the game, still in development under the business title Project Cowboy, does not sell bags: it will be an open world Western game.

News from South Korea Blotting It was the first magazine to be shared with Krafton, but not much information about the project has been provided yet. All that was revealed was that the idea came from one of PUBG’s methods, the Old West, where we can only shoot with weapons used in the Wild West, but Project Cowboy is a completely separate IP address created for both consoles and computers. When we’re expecting an appearance, or exactly how we envision Project Cowboy’s gameplay, it hasn’t been revealed yet. Development is likely to start now in full force, as there is more They are also looking for an employee for the project. It’s unclear if Project Cowboy is the big-budget game Krafton announced for 2022 a few months ago.

The world of PUBG is expanding at an amazing rate anyway. Most recently, PUBG: New State was announced, which will be a 2051 mobile Battle Royale game, with 100 players and promised graphics. On Android devices Pre-registration has started, For which it has already submitted over 10 million applications. Additionally, Callisto protocol will be completed by 2022, which will be a horror game similar to Dead Space and will definitely be connected to the world of PUBG. Also, PUBG 2 is already rumored to be a direct sequel to the first part.

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