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The world of science is roaring from the goldfish driving the car

Scientists at Ben-Gurion University in Israel drew attention to something unusual. In their latest research, the experts sought to answer the question of how much the ability to navigate depends solely on brain make-up or the environment. And for observation, they made a “car” driven by a goldfish.

It may sound funny, but it isn’t. The researchers attached an aquarium to a four-wheeled device in which they placed a goldfish. The vehicle responds to the movement of fish in the water. The research team was able to teach the goldfish to ‘drive a car’ and reach destinations for food – IFLScience Books.

Search details behavioral brain research Published in the scientific journal. The results of the observation indicated that the ability to steer may be general, that is, the goldfish can steer itself even when placed in a water tank mounted on wheels.

To let the researchers see how well the fish could orientate themselves, they were allowed to monitor the vehicle’s motion. Every time you “drive” the car to the specified destination, you are rewarded. According to research, after a few days, the animal learns where to go to reach the goal.

The scientists experimented with a total of six goldfish of different races that were not only able to deliver the craft to its destination, but realized whether it had turned in the wrong direction or had come to a standstill, or whether the scientists wanted to trick them into wrong targeting. Moreover, over time, their performance improved significantly: at first it took another 30 minutes to find the target, but by the end of the experiment, they had already reached the finish line in less than a minute.

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Thus, experience proved that the orientation of goldfish does not depend on the water.

Cover photo illustration (Source: MTI / EPA / Luong Thai Linh)