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The world’s oldest family tree was put together

To do this, scientists used bones from a nearly 6000-year-old tomb.

After some research, we could even build our own narrower family tree, but if someone goes back to the past, it might be worth including DNA in the party, as we can learn a lot of information from it.

And not only can science help self-proclaimed family tree researchers, but even if the subjects studied lived only thousands of years ago.

A group of researchers has succeeded in putting together the world’s oldest family tree, thanks to a 5,700-year-old human bone found in a Stone Age cemetery. A DNA test has revealed the remains of five generations of an extended family in a grave in the Cotswolds, UK. Most of the people came from four women, all of whom had children from one man.

We discovered a lot of interesting things from the research, so it turned out that it didn’t matter who was buried where someone was, someone was heading south and others heading north. It is also strange that there are missing women whose bones have not been found in this place, so it cannot be excluded, for example, that cremation was already a common practice at that time.

The discovery may provide clues regarding other Neolithic tombs, not only in terms of architecture but also in terms of kinship. It’s easy for researchers to discover more of these burial sites in the future, so it’s possible someone else will soon take the title of the world’s oldest reconstructed family tree.

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