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The world’s strongest hot pepper is one of the most sought after Christmas gifts

It was true in previous years that many gifts would be gone by December, but this trend has intensified this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. In 2021, in addition to Harry Potter, Good Friends, Star Wars and Minecraft, Big Money Theft is the biggest hit in terms of licenses, he said. Tamas Bellinis,, one of the nation’s largest gift retailer and wholesaler.

New compared to last year is that people are looking for less perky masks, while shoppers are raving about the “Carolina Reaper,” considered the world’s strongest hot pepper. According to the expert, the order should not be postponed either, because, among other things, disruption of the global supply chain may delay deliveries.

The director of the company mentioned.

Contrary to popular belief in e-commerce, November is not the strongest month after year, which also means that the supply is shrinking as the last month of the year approaches and the end of the year approaches, with fewer gifts to choose from for Christmas.

Wholesalers do not even have an antidote, because they have already ordered the Christmas set in February, so they cannot return their order, so in extreme cases, the most popular products may irreplaceably run out even in September.

No more masks, Harry Potter continues

Tamás Belényesi said that based on their experience so far, evergreen souvenirs are very popular every Christmas, but this year we can also spot new arrivals at the top of the demand list.

Not surprisingly, licensed mugs are very marketable, but the same can be said for both robes and slippers. There has also been a lot of interest years ago in board and card games that bring a family or group of friends together during the holidays. Also this year, many are looking for hot chocolate, tea-like products, Advent calendars, and alcoholic sweets.

– said the manager of the company.

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He mentioned the interesting fact that consumers are buying a lot less funny masks than last year, partly because they’ve become obsessed with the epidemic and partly because everyone has probably already bought the one they like best now.

What’s even more exciting than the top products is that many unexpectedly ordered “Carolina Rapper”, considered the strongest hot pepper in the world, which without exaggeration became one of the hit products this Christmas.

Among licenses, “Harry Potter” has traditionally been one of the most sought, but with a new batch released this year and being added to their shows, “Good Friends” has once again become a huge favourite, as has Netflix’s hugely successful series, The Big Money Laundering. “. he is.

Tamás Belényesi revealed that the company had the same sales volume in the first nine months of the year as in the last three months, which also shows how much interest there are in year-end gifts.

You should not wait a day to order. Black Friday is a thing of the past and after that, companies don’t usually come up with any extra special promotions anymore. However, the ongoing stagnation in the global supply chain creates some uncertainty in the supply of goods during this period. In addition, courier services handle a huge amount of packages locally, so if you want to be sure, act as quickly as possible.

It is to explain.

He added that they strive to be able to take their orders home until December 21st before Christmas, as the large amount of their inventory, ever-increasing warehouse capacity, and increased staffing, long-established logistics operations allow for all of this.

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Founded in 2014, has two stores in Budapest They constantly adapt their inventory to demand: they work with almost three thousand different products, 60 percent of which are replaced within a year and always give gifts to their customers in line with current trends.