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The WWA provided the kind of palace I dreamed of for Budapest

The WWA provided the kind of palace I dreamed of for Budapest

The World Water Sports Association (WA) held its conference in Fukuoka on Tuesday. This membership confirmed Hussein Al-Muslim from Kuwait in his position as president. The sporting director has held the position since 2021, and has now held a trust for eight years.

After his re-election, Muslim introduced Western Australia’s new headquarters, which is being built in Budapest.

The impressive facility will have two swimming pools and, in addition to jumping and tower jumping, competitors of the 27-meter super tower jump will also have the opportunity to train. Hotel accommodation was also provided.

“The focus will not be on the offices in the new center. It will be all about the athletes, current and future athletes. When a person walks through the door of the new building, he does not see the president’s office, because it is not important. You will see water. You will encounter excellent training opportunities. And you will see that competitors from all over the world can also live there, as close to the water as possible “- this is how the president explained why he saw the need to move from Switzerland. They don’t quite say goodbye Lausanne, Switzerland, which has been home to the association since 1986, for example, the foundation will continue to be based there.

The Kuwaiti president’s plan was adopted by a large majority, with only three dissenting votes. Exactly where it will be announced yet, but there is a good chance that the thirteenth. In the area of ​​the former Láng Machinery Factory. No information was given about costs or how the construction would be financed.

Excerpt from the WA show – Photo: WA

Soon a line lined up for the ceremonial signing of the contract, and it was signed by Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Peter Szijjarto. The government also announced this on Monday in Magyar KözlönyThat Szijjártó is responsible for the project, he will also submit the text of the agreement to Parliament.

“We always see the watersports family with love, that’s how it was in the past and that’s how it will be
Also in the future – this was stated by Peter Cigarto in his speech to the conference.

Many UN organizations are headquartered in Hungary, so World Aquatics’ relocation to Budapest is fitting. After all, we are a watersports country, and a small nation with big results.”

The politician arrived in Japan on Tuesday morning, and after signing, he received from the Muslim the honor that was established in the year 2022, and which is awarded to countries that carry out distinguished activities for water sports. In addition to Szijjártó, three former Olympic champions (Dániel Gyurta, Norbert Madaras and Sándor Wladár) stood on the podium. Wladar was elected a member of the governing body for Western Australia a few months ago. Szijjártó will also see the men’s water polo quarter-final between Hungary and the United States, and then present a gold medal to the winner in the IM 200.

The Kuwaiti President presents an award to the Hungarian Minister - Photo: WA

The Kuwaiti President presents an award to the Hungarian Minister – Photo: WA

MÚSZ President Sándor Wladár believes that under the auspices of WA, more competitors than ever before will be able to assist with their university studies
And to set it up. In our previous interview, he also hinted that the agreement is now being signed.

Budapest has hosted three world championships in ten years. The first was in 2017, when it replaced Mexico’s Guadalajara as the replacement, Duna Aréna volume was built. In 2022, the battles will once again take place at the Danube Stadium, and in 2027, the Hungarian capital will once again be the stage.

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