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The X-Factor rules have changed, making the competition more exciting

We’re past the picker, and tonight finally reveals how the anniversary has passed x factor His camp, with the well-known chair spin, is perhaps the most dramatic point of the show’s first stage. This will be followed by the mentoring house, where each mentor will select 3-3 contestants for each category who will eventually go into the live show.

However, this year they are moving away from the classic lineup in terms of girls, boys, teams and those over 25 years old. The decision of production workers affects the latter, since the minimum age is not 25 but 22. Why was this necessary? Simply put, there were so many talented young men who applied and were able to pre-select that they did not want to let go of the hands of those who did not fit into the category of boys and girls, so they lowered the minimum age, which also led to this category becoming much stronger this general.

Along with the mentors, we watched that there are a lot of young people coming forward, and the category has been changed. The reason for this is that the distribution between the categories has become more proportional, which may make the competition more balanced for those aged 22-25.

. said Bliknik The x factor Creative Producer Marcel Viribelli.

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