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The Zero Gravity Journey has been successfully completed by the Ambassadors of Disability Alm

A crew of 12 “Disability Ambassadors” successfully completed a zero-gravity flight on Sunday, October 17, with the goal of making space travel accessible to all.

On September 15, Haile Arsenault became the first man with a prosthetic limb to make a space flight when he blasted off aboard the private space company Inspiration 4, an orbital mission called Inspiration 4. And in February of this year, the European Space Agency issued a call for people with disabilities to register as astronauts in agency.

However, spaceflight is not yet fully accessible to people with disabilities, but a mission called AstroAccess is planning to eliminate that.

AstroAccess, an initiative co-created with SciAccess to work on making STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) more accessible and inclusive, on Sunday flew a crew of 12 “disability ambassadors” to an altitude of 9,753 meters in a weightless paragliding flight, working toward a more accessible future in the space.

The 12 ambassadors on board including Mobility, visual and hearing impairments, in-flight displays and experiences. Their goal is to use their expertise to better understand what the spacecraft’s environment could look like and should be more inclusive and accessible to everyone.

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