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Their reality show is over, but the Kardashians will stay with us forever if we want to, if not

Fourteen years and twenty seasons. This is what Al keeping up with the Kardashians (KUWTK), Which is in the Hungarian language The Kardashian story He got the title and the final part of it is introduced now, in April. Since 2007, countless weddings, pregnancies, childbirths, divorces, quarrels, hairstyles, and commercial intrigue have been introduced into their reality by members of the Kardashians, who are perhaps better known than the British royals, at least likewise many. From followers / love / hate with them. Kim Kardashian and her relatives have had a ruthless influence not only on pop culture or fashion, but on almost everything over the past 10 years.

Chris, Kourtney, Kim, Chloe, Kendall, Kylie

When reality got started in 2007, the Kardashians became famous for a leaked sex video of one of the girls (Kim Kardashian). Also, mother (Chris Jenner), whose ex-husband was a friend and defense attorney for OJ Simpson, later married an Olympic champion and had two more children in addition to the current four. Any of these alone would have formed a sufficient basis for an excellent tabloid career. Not just one.This has also been seen by Kris Jenner, who is at risk of the mental state of the family members, and has built a Kardashian empire around his daughters in a matter of moments, who not only are their grandchildren but their great-grandchildren will burn with it. Their money is at their boredom.

Courtney Kardashian, Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian and Kris Jenner 2007Photo: FREDERICK M. BROWN / Getty Images via AFP

That is why it is not necessarily interesting what happened in the twenty seasons of the series, but what had an impact on the world. Because the series may be over, but the Kardashians will be with us forever. With me definitely, because I still have my phone cover that has been in use for about eight years, with Kim Kardashian crying (after she actually announced her divorce from her second husband, NBA player Kris Humphries). And with so many countries in the world, they will stay there more confidently, because hundreds of thousands, maybe millions, have already bought toners and cosmetics that They made Kim Kardashian a billion dollars, Or from the lipstick that made the little girl, Kylie Jenner, nearly a billion dollars. (Only in the latter case did he turn out to have lied a fortune to himself and Forbes pulled him off the list of rich people.)

All in all, those billions are due to Kris Jenner, who decades before having Instagram and the love of the flu knew how to make the human thing a sellable thing, starting with constantly giving all of her kids the K name. And it really was just an amaretto-dipped cherry on top of the very frothy cake, as most of the girls making money ended up marrying a guy named Kanye West, who wasn’t on the billionaires list at all who directed him however. Return to performance in family reality that Any appearance It was the most powerful of all the silly scenes in the series put together. Another question is how much the family now benefits from Kim Kardashian and Kanye West after six years of marriage and four children. They have just become.

Old Floyn

All of the existing social media outlets are rampant with the flu – that is, people who act as mobile, breathable, and energetic billboards – are largely due to the Kardashian-Jenner girls, who were among the first to use Instagram and other hidden ad platforms. As with them, many young people now believe that plastic surgery, white teeth, extra hair, and a suitcase-sized amount of makeup are completely normal and available to nearly everyone.

When Kylie Jenner admitted in 2015 that her mouth got bigger not because she hit glasses, but because she filled her lips, she instantly It increased by 70 percent The number of applicants for lip filler work. However, perhaps the most surprising example of the Kardashian family’s influence is that when Kylie Jenner announced in February 2018 that she wouldn’t use Snapchat, the company shares It immediately shattered.

Also thanks to Kim Kardashian, toner is now not only acceptable but almost a desirable piece of clothing, while twenty years ago she was still teasing as a lingerie at Bridget Jones. In addition to tummy tuck underwear, there is a bunch of other clothing pieces or something like that that people started wearing mostly because they saw them on a Kardashian product or Jenner’s Instagram. And here we have to think not of the latex clothes that humans can put in relatively few places, but of cycling shorts, clumsy sneakers, or sunglasses with narrow lenses that do not function at any level.

Kikm Kardashian at the 2019 Met GalaPhoto: Nelson Barnard / Getty Images via AFP

However, in recent years they have influenced their followers with more than just makeup, clothes, or accessories. The Kardashian has also become more socially sensitive – Kim Kardashian, for example, began studying law and then went so far as to work with senior government officials and Donald Trump. Debate About prison reform, as well as getting the then US president to grant a presidential pardon to Alice Mary Johnson, a 63-year-old retired woman who was sentenced to life in prison on drug charges. In addition, the family of Armenian descent has repeatedly drawn attention to the Armenian Genocide. When Cottonnak In a given interview, Kim was asked if he thought at the start of reality that he would once again have a major political influence in the United States, to which he replied: “Not at all. It surprised me at least as much as anyone else.”

(Large Image: Kim Kardashian’s crying face over a used 2012 phone case – Photo: Mészáros Juli)


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