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Then the next addition to World of Warcraft will be announced

Throughout the three months of spring, Blizzard will surprise first-time Hearthstone players.

For a variety of reasons, many players have been disappointed with World of Warcraft’s latest addition, Shadowlands, which, with its remastered mechanics, not-so-high amount of content, and by the way, is probably not the best adventure in MMORPG history.

But this year, it became clear where the next Azeroth adventurers would go.

Blizzard in a recent job He’s detailed the announcements he’s getting ready for spring, and we’re definitely looking forward to some very exciting months. The first addition to Hearthstone this year will be revealed on March 15th, and we can learn about the developers’ plans for 2022, so there will be changes to the core suite, among other things. By the way, the card game will be expanded with three additions this year, in line with the trends of recent years.

Next month, April 19, what once could have happened is set to happen: a new World of Warcraft addition has been revealed. It was already possible to read the speculation as to where the heroes of Azeroth would set the record straight, but it seemed that the topic had not yet emerged. Shadowlands didn’t set the standards very high, so hopefully Blizzard can pull itself together this year.

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Finally, the last month of spring holds a surprise, as the studio plans to unveil its first game based on the world of Warcraft designed specifically for mobile in May. If the plans are still in place, then In principle, we can expect more mobile games in the future.

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These are Blizzard’s plans for spring, and we wonder if their ads will be able to meet fan expectations. What are you most looking forward to?

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