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There are EU sanctions against Belarus

Reasons for the decision of their union Punish the generals and senior officers of Belaruswho support or participate in Russian action that undermines or threatens the territorial integrity, independence and independence of Ukraine, and have contributed to decision-making and strategic planning processes.

They emphasized that Belarus supports Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine. It would allow Russia to launch ballistic missiles from Belarusian soil, and allow the Russian military to transport and transit heavy weapons, tanks and military vehicles across the country. It allows Russian military aircraft to fly over Belarusian airspace to Ukraine, provides refueling facilities for Russian military vehicles, and allows storage of Russian weapons and military equipment in the country.

Restrictive measures against Ukraine currently target 702 Belarusian individuals and 53 organizations, and have ordered asset freezes and a ban on making funds available to listed individuals. Those on the list are also subject to an EU entry and transit ban.

The council has also now imposed trade restrictions on Belarus. The resolution prohibits trade between the EU and Belarus, inter alia, in tobacco products, fuels, gaseous hydrocarbons, ash grease, wood products, cement-based products, iron and steel products, and goods used in the manufacture or production of rubber. The European Union also imposed restrictions on trade in dual-use goods and technology, which, they wrote, could contribute to the military, technological, defense and security development of Belarus.

The European Union condemns in the strongest terms the unjustified Russian military aggression against Ukraine and demands its immediate cessation of military action, the unconditional withdrawal of its forces and military equipment from all over Ukraine, and its full respect for the territorial integrity, independence and sovereignty of Ukraine. Within its internationally recognized borders, the EU’s decision-making body reiterated the call.

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