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There is a shortage of plantation dwarfs in the UK

Despite the increasing demand for garden dwarfs in the UK, the shelves of horticultural stores are empty. Suez writes that the accident on the canal and the resulting congestion also make it difficult to carry horticultural articles. FoxNews.

Due to the changing consumer needs and transportation problems caused by the corona virus outbreak and epidemic, people have faced many disadvantages in recent times. It started with toilet paper and disinfectant, but it reached aluminum cans, and now it’s the turn of garden dwarfs.

As a result of the closure, more people started gardening, so the demand for garden dwarfs in the UK was high.

Unfortunately, a number of factors, including the recent closure of the Suez Canal, have made it very difficult to export popular garden parts.

Although garden dwarfs are not on everyone’s list, horticulture was the most popular. Ian Wiley, CEO of the Garden Center Association, explained.

He also said that the arrival of horticultural products from abroad was negatively affected by the ship causing damage caused by any other industry in Suez.

According to a staff member at the Horticulture Center, businesses have seen a 97% increase in turnover compared to the pre-epidemic situation.

Due to the increasing demand, the demand for horticultural products, including garden dwarfs, has increased across Europe. According to one of the horticultural centers He has not met any garden dwarfs in the last six months Due to increased demand and stagnant imports.

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