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There is something surprising about these spring flowers: They come with health for free

Those who want to toss their cake, salads, or some kind of drink, honey with flower petals, first need to know that the flower is not toxic, so the most important thing is caution! Just think of the lily-of-the-valley that blooms this way. Anyone who still wants to eliminate their diet of primrose petals should first learn to know: which ones to eat and which ones to avoid from afar.

The basic rules that deserve accreditation:

  • Do not pick flowers that are growing or spray along the way.
  • On trips, we always bring a bag with us that we can collect freely.
  • Do not eat pollen allergies!
  • It is worth picking the flower when it is in full force. Neither buds nor withered petals are good.

How to recognize and consume precursors of spring (nettle, dandelion, chicken strings and violets)? As a guide, I recommend Eva-Maria Dreyer – Wolfgang Dreyer: Recognizing, Collecting, and Using Wild Plants, Berries, and Fungi, among other novice beetles. It describes more than 100 indigenous plants, berries, and mushrooms found in nature – arranged by when they were collected. Provides detailed information on sites, collection period, and toxic counterparts. Color photos show the most important characteristics. Also includes kitchen tips and 119 recipes. For years, I’ve loved reading this booklet almost every season, and I’ve learned countless tricks from it, like how to make dandelion jelly or nettle soup.

Kings and queens have been mad in taste: violet

Slowly since a month ago, violets are also blooming steadily in our garden. If I can, I go out every day and have a handful, and put my flowers in my salad, in my tea.

The popularity of tasting violets is not new, it went down in history as the flavor of one of Emperor Nero’s favorite desserts, but Queen Elizabeth, meaning Sisi, was also a big fan of her. On the eighteenth and nineteenth. Century cookbooks, for example, contain quite a number of violet recipes: Violet Cake, Violet Syrup, and Candied Violets. The latter became famous through Queen Elizabeth: according to legend, along with purple ice cream, it was a very favorite.

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Its bloom is the thinnest thing that nature offers for free. Violet has a mucolytic, sedative and hypotensive effect. In 14th-century England, desserts made of violets, rice, and almonds were fondly made. Today it is mainly ironed and used to decorate cookies and cakes. It goes well with white wine, which can be used to make violet juice, but soaked in 0.5 liter of white wine vinegar, we can also make our own purple salad vinegar with a handful of violet flowers. (It is soaked, filtered, and poured into a bottle.) (Source: Eva-Maria Dreyer – Wolfgang Dreyer)

Violets have a soft and sweet taste, great for salads and desserts, but can also be used to make ice cream or jam. It blooms from April to the end of May.

The true star of wild veggie cuisine: chicory

There are approximately 50 names for a dandelion dress in the Hungarian language, among them are dandelion, dog milk, chanel, buddy, frog flowers, chicks, dandelion, lion’s teeth, dandelion, and chicken blossom. All parts are edible and not just in common form, such as herbal tea. We can make a delicious salad from its leaves while the flower is grilled, but the tastiest one is the fried dandelion, which tastes like mushrooms. It blooms from April to May, but it’s also worth seeing its second bloom in the fall.

So make honey from chicory!

Take 150-200 flowers for dandelion honey. Cover prey in your yard or porch, and spread it evenly so the little insects can climb. Leave it on for an hour or two for free, but it is important not to wash the flowers because a large portion of the pollen will be gone. Add enough tap water to cover the chicory and bring to a boil! Allow the heads to soak for 24 hours, then strain. The flowers are no longer used, they can go into compost. Boil the filtered clear liquid on low heat and add about 1 kg of sugar.

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Dandelion jam or honey in a jar and fresh flowers
Honey substitute for dandelion syrup

Mascara: the rose

Even the Romans preferred to use rose petals as a candy and medicine, as they liked to make the essential oil from it. The size, aroma, and taste of roses vary greatly. The most delicious flowers of ancient dynasties (Rosa rugosa). The taste of the flowers is fragrant, reminiscent of green apples and strawberries. Flower petals are plucked by removing the white underside. Perfect for lemonada, rose water, ice cream, and appetizers.

If you are making candied rose petals, whip one egg white onto a foam, soak the clean rose petals, then flip them in powdered sugar. Put it on a shelf and wait for it to dry.

It tastes very similar to cloves: field cloves

Clove petals are used to flavor sweet desserts, most of which are fruit. It can also be used to make creams, cakes and jams, but it can also be consumed as an intoxicant. It is a fragrant flower that has a taste very similar to cloves.

Instead of saffron: stinky

Its delicate feel, but at the same time its strong scent, makes it distinctive for velvet flowers of Mexican origin from the southern parts of America, or it smells like the common name. The plant smells unpleasant to many, but its strong aroma keeps pests away and protects the plants, making it a favorite plant in organic gardens. In many tropical countries, the plant is also used as a pain reliever, antipyretic, windproof, and diuretic. Its flowers also contain an essential oil that is used by perfumery.

Smelly flower (Tagetes) doesn’t just decorate our garden. Flower petals can be used to flavor herbal teas, salads, and appetizers. It is often used to replace saffron. Ideal for dressing salads or side dishes: toss with rice or boiled potatoes. It’s also a great addition to roast meats and soups, and there’s also a lemon-flavored version.

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It stinks
It stinks

Their petals taste like a cucumber: lily

About 100 species and thousands of varieties bred belong to the lily family. In the seventeenth century, this beautiful primrose was the most expensive available in the market, and since its price was several times higher than the average monthly salary, few of them could afford it. However, today it is one of the most common spring garden flowers. Who would have thought, but their petals are edible. It tastes like cucumber, crunchy; But your pollen can cause allergies, so be careful!

No more lovely spring food decorations: garden pansies

Who would have thought it was worth planting a violet flower in our small garden, not only in early spring because it can withstand cold nights, but also because its blossoms are edible too? In addition, the whole flower can be consumed, along with sepals and everything else. It has a slight menthol smell. It is also used as an icing coating, as a decoration for cakes and entrees.

Cover photo: Getty Images