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There may be a change in stores: refrigerators can have a door

They could reduce the UK’s total electricity consumption by up to one per cent if they installed the doors of the UK’s five largest supermarkets on their refrigerators. BBC.

Aldi, for example, has promised to install door-to-door refrigerators in all of its new stores, saving about 2,000 tons of carbon dioxide annually. In addition to the German supermarket chain, Co-op has already agreed to opt for this solution in its new stores, while other major stores have so far said they are trying to find a solution to the “problem” of open refrigerators.

For example, Lidl offers blinds when its stores are closed. On the other hand, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Waitrose and M&S will use “air wall” technology that will return cool air to the back of the radiator to save energy.

According to a report from the Attorney General’s Office of Environmental Investigations, stores can also reduce electricity bills by an average of 33 percent. Stores with refrigerated doors indicate less food waste anyway, plus the fact that heating bills aren’t as high as less heating is needed in refrigerated sections of stores, the paper writes.

Back in 2019, the UK government ruled out a ban on open fridges and freezers simply because it wanted to put in place other energy efficiency measures.

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