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There was new news about Giorgi Korda and Clary Palaz

Both members recovered from the flu, but they must be very careful not to catch anything again.

For weeks now, the news has been no different, with Clary Palaz and Jergy Korda being so ill that they have been lying in bed and have had to cancel their shows. The couple suffered from viral influenza, which also spread to Uncle Gyuri’s chest, which required serious antibiotic treatment to return the 83-year-old singer to her normal form.

Photo: Gábor Szabó – Origo

The Pepper According to the latest information, the couple is now fully recovered, ready to fulfill all their prayers. The duo Korda György-Balázs Klári will be present at all major music festivals this year, and we can meet them at city events, but also at company parties.

Thank God Georica and I are healthy again! This year we will perform in beautiful venues, as well as at the biggest events in the country: on July 15 at EFOTT (National Meeting of Student and College Tourism), on July 22 at Debrecen at the Campus Festival, and on August 10. At the Sziget Festival with our audience. We’ve already received news that our concert tickets are quickly selling out, and it looks like we’re going to our paid parties with a full house full, which makes us indescribably happy with Gyuri! We love our audience so much, we can’t be thankful for the kind love we receive everywhere,” he said.

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