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There were not enough seasonal laborers on British lands

Gerard Wong, head of Tongmare Airfield Nurseries, has relied on Eastern European seasonal workers for the past 33 years to harvest the ripe crop.

“There are more barriers, more and more bureaucracy, and now it is very difficult to come and work. Together, this is a big challenge for businesses.

Agriculture in Britain today is severely affected by labor shortages. The number of crops is higher this year as there are 72 fewer seasonal workers working here than last year.

– It can’t be that way. We have a lot to do to avoid big losses, Gerrard says.

It is the largest farm on the south coast of Britain. Pepper is grown on 10 and one and a half acres of greenhouse, and is now harvested once every three days instead of 11 days.

((01.05 Mark Knight – Technical Manager,))

“Somewhere we were all looking forward to this opportunity.” However, no one expected such a serious situation to develop. Mark Knight, technical manager at Tongmare Airfield Nursery, says the extreme human reactions have taken us by surprise.

If these businesses have no one to pick up their crops, it is also right to fear that British supermarkets will fill their shelves with goods from European manufacturers.

Bottle zucchini violin forfoots, there are 750,000 pieces, about one hundred and fifty tons of ripe vegetables lying on the ground, which simply rot because they can’t hire workers. Such economies need to make tough decisions soon. No one is available to pack items in this business. At the moment, it seems unlikely that European workers will return to British lands, so CEO Julian Marx is not so optimistic about this year:

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– Restrictions on the free movement of workers have a devastating effect, but not only on agriculture and horticulture. This is the situation in all sectors where foreigners have been working for many years.

The British government has announced a pilot program for seasonal workers this year, raising the quota to 30,000, yet farmers hope to do more to lure people back to British lands and avoid another catastrophe.