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There will also be PC games in the Xbox Streamer

At the moment, Microsoft is focusing on making console titles available.

It has also reached another important milestone on Apple mobile devices and computers as well Started Tested Microsoft xCloud cloud gaming runtime service, although so far only in a very closed circuit. The solution, available as part of a monthly Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, allows you to play xbox games on mobiles and computers with a gamepad, sometimes with touch controls.

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After the announcement, Xbox chief Phil Spencer, in response to a question on Twitter, said that PC games will also be available on their cloud gaming service over time, but making console versions available is a priority at the moment. He claims that this is the reason Microsoft has been pushing game backups and standalone backups for quite some time, as they allow you to switch between game and console versions.

The announcement is very good news for PC gamers, for example, the popular indoor shooting games, many of whom are reluctant to play on gamepads, and the limitations for controllers in these titles are very frustrating after getting used to operating the mouse and keyboard. By making the PC version of the games available, there might be a rationale for larger audiences to use xCloud.

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