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There will be a demonstration on Sunday in Kossuth Square to improve maternity care

Protest the other state in obstetrics for a positive change in obstetric care! Motion – Read An event created on Facebook in the description. Regulators believe they expected enough to improve the situation, but that the quality of maternity care is deteriorating, so they symbolically hand over their burden to decision makers.

“Painful weights caused by care will be symbolized by stones in Kosut Square, and women can write on them. We hand over stones and no longer carry them”

they write.

If someone is not able to attend the demonstration in person, they can also transfer their burdens via the Internet, for example, to the movement. on the mapOr write a message or send a photo or video to the organizers. Many have already done that, more women also introduced, What experiences did you have during childbirth in Hungarian hospitals?

Despite the carelessness and rudeness in the presence of health workers in many stories, regulators do not see doctors and nurses as the source of the problem, but rather the decision-makers.

The aim of the national movement “Women is Our Voice” is to draw attention to the fact that while the quality of childbirth and childbirth plays an essential role in maintaining health and quality of life in the short and long term, Hungary’s maternity care system is beneficial to the interests of women, families and professionals around childbirth, often It is particularly harmful, especially to women and their children, and thus to society as a whole. The events of recent years, the coronavirus and the changes brought about by law have created unprecedented uncertainty and significantly reduced women’s room for maneuver.”

It regrets that women were not included as a primary stakeholder in transforming maternity care, and that the change was not preceded by standardization of care, thus “increasing the vulnerability of women, families and health workers while reducing the opportunities available to them.”

The demonstration will begin at 10:30 AM on November 28 in front of the Decathlon in Nyugati Square, and start at 10:45 AM in Kossuth Square. Participants can take a pre-written stone or write a message there, or they can shout about their difficulties with our stick dancers, and they can also give a voice to what I’m living with using a percussion instrument, rattle and stick. In addition, they can even bring a banner and the organizers will ask the participants to wear something red.

More than 30 organizations, groups and professionals have already joined the exhibition, such as the Hungarian Dulan Society, the Babagenetics Society, the Debrecen Carrier Club and the EMMA Society.

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