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There will be a huge party in the plaza, there will also be Tank Trap in addition to Majka and Curtis

Meanwhile, towards the end of summer Victoria Metzker And Rakunkzai Emre He also says goodbye to the capital of Lake Balaton this year with one last great party.

Although summer is still in full swing, and as we head into mid-August, we’re slowly getting to the last party too. On Thursday, the Rakonczai piano evening will bid farewell to the scene: Imre Rakonczai will once again bring the most popular songs from Lake Balaton, while in the Music Terrace we can rock the best Latin songs. The Arena Resident’s party series is also over, and the final chapter of Metzker Victoria & Friends this year will come on Friday, this time with AK26, KOOSZMILAN and DJ Lennard as partners with Victoria Metzker.

For the first time, Tank Trap will come to the arena and replace Majka and Curtis too! Photo: Siofok Beach

Historic moment: Tankcsapda will perform on the big stage in Lake Balaton for the first time since the band and the Plaza exist, and if the Tanks come, it should be Friday. Newest Tankers, Lilliput Hollywood. They will come to the Hungarian Sea with their record and will ensure the transportation of their masses gathered on the sandy beach.

On Saturday, the mood peaked at the much-anticipated party of Total Dance Balaton Retro Fever

The 10-hour megapart at Retro Festival will be replaced by the biggest stars of the ’90s and 2000s. Lake Balaton’s most popular retro festival of the year is now back with extra energies after the loss of 2020, and we can also salute Dr. Alban, legendary performer of Sing’s Hallelujah, among the artists. Total Dance Balaton Retro Fever is more than just a retro festival: with a professional dance troupe, lots of surprises and visuals, it’s back in the “golden age”, where we can celebrate together again for the greatest hits of performers like Kozmix, Ámokfutót and Krisz Rudolf and UFO, Betty Love, Sterbinszky, Náksi, Strong vs. Spigiboy, Tamás F. Sipos, and DJ Pégé. The mood manager for the evening will be DJ Andre.

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The Truesounds Music team will also return to Siófok, putting beats on their feet at the brand new club under the direction of Peter Makto, Gregory S, Davko and Justrice.

On Sunday, August 15, Majka & Curtis will make up for their concert they missed in July. Against a successful Factory duo, composed by Pápa Joci protects the audience. (X)