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There will be no shortage of fish at Christmas

2021. 11. 29. 19:00

Fish farmers will be able to meet the needs of domestic fish consumption at Christmas, despite the fact that this year’s fish harvest will be lower than in previous years, the Agricultural Marketing Center (AMC) told MTI on Monday.

Peter Ondere, CEO of AMC, highlighted in the announcement that 40-45 percent of the average annual fish consumption of 6.5 kilograms per capita will be in this period.

Remind me to “Get it!” The fish consumption campaign aims to increase the previous average annual consumption of 5.4 kg per capita by 20%. He explained that since the launch of the program, nearly 5 million people have been reached since 2017, and 77,000 portions of food have been tasted at various events.

Ferenc Levy, a spokesperson for the International Fisheries Trade Organization (MA-HAL), emphasized in the statement that freshwater fish must be obtained now, and that fish meat can withstand freezing in the home. He noted that this year’s fish harvest is expected to be lower than in previous years, but that there will certainly be enough local carp, catfish, African catfish and possum for Christmas.

The spokesman said that fish farmers have been hampered this year by water shortages, high corn prices, high diesel prices and high labor costs. At the same time, the sector can still safely supply domestic demand, and the yield of pike and pike will be less than planned, but since MA-HAL members have imposed voluntary export restrictions, there will be enough of these types of fish in Hungary, he added.

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