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There will be no Xbox Game Pass for competing consoles

On Steam Deck, on the other hand, playing a cloudy game works just fine.

Microsoft’s video player business concept based on low-cost gaming rentals and cloud gaming is still in its early days, and its success or failure is only expected to be decided in the medium term. What is certain is that with continued clarification of details, Xbox Game Pass development could at least become more focused: Xbox spokesperson Phil Spencer the games In a particular interview, he said that it is not expected to be available in any way on Nintendo Switch and Sony PlayStation consoles.

Nintendo SwitchSource: Lisa Fotios / Pexels

That’s been guesswork so far, but Spencer says it’s not at all a business decision for Microsoft, as competing vendors don’t want to see the service on their devices. This reluctance is understandable, on the one hand, Sony and Nintendo may not want to fill Microsoft’s wallet with subscription fees, and game streaming in the more affordable Game Pass may engage players in a way that reduces their spending on console and digital stores.

Shortly thereafter, Spencer added to the thread on Twitter that the PC-themed handheld Steam Deck cuckoo egg had already received a gift from Valve, and was already working great on a number of games and the Xbox Game Pass cloud game.

This is not surprising, as the product is so open and customer friendly that those who are unhappy with SteamOS at the factory can install Windows 10 or Windows 11 on it.

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