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There won’t be Dead Island 2 at E3 this year either


No Saints Row or Metro or TimeSplitters…

05/06/2021 16:33 | Greg | Category: game

It’s only been a week and we arrive at this year’s E3, which, like last year, will be an exclusive online event. But of course, that doesn’t mean that smaller or larger publishers don’t offer a host of presentations, announcements, and other exciting news. These include deep silvert comprehensive, but not so long ago it was Embracer Group Bought by Coach Media he is.

Fans can also count on a dedicated show from them on the eve of E3 on June 11. But according to the latest news, this show will disappoint many even in advance. As it turns out, there are many more unreleased games that fans are rightly anticipating. This is a new one Saints row, known to exist since 2019, but basically no more than that. At the time, they promised to introduce the game in 2020, but that hasn’t happened yet. It’s now certain that he won’t be at E3 this year either.

We were waiting for the new in vain TimeSplitters Its offer, although that’s not surprising given the fact that the game was only announced in May. the new metro The episode won’t be presented next week either, 4A Games is working on something in principle, but it won’t be clear now what it is.

Finally, the biggest absentee is dead island 2 it will be. Under the auspices of Deep Silver, the zombie game Destiny, which has been taking place at least in 2014, for seven years now, has been vomiting hard. Fans know almost nothing about the project except that the original developer was quickly scrapped, but for now, the new isn’t that great either. The publisher reassures everyone every year that development is still going on, so be patient. And it’s still just patience, because the game won’t show itself at this year’s E3 either. ■

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