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Therefore, Klári Balázs and György Korda did not have a common child – a Hungarian star

Clary Palaz And the Giorgi Korda Double easily fits the dream couple sign, they’ve had a happy marriage for 40 years. They have built their singing careers together since the 1980s, have traveled the world, and they still appear together on TV multiple times even today.

On various programs, they are often asked about the secret to a long and happy marriage. There is another question they sometimes have to face: Why did they not conceive a child together.

Therefore, Clary Balaz and Jirgie Korda did not have a common child

When Evan Szines introduced them to each other in the early 1980s, they were both out of wedlock. While the singer did not have a child from her ex-husband, György Korda has communicated as a father. Actress Epi Kovacs introduced her in 1980 with a girl named Judit.

The singer is Club RTL A huge number In her production, she talks about her relationship with her daughter, as well as why she did not decide to start a family with her lover Klárika.

I had a previous relationship and I have a daughter. Unfortunately, I have no contact with him as he lives in Canada. Is this my fault or his fault? Let that be our business, “abbreviate the topic.

Photo: RTL Club / large number

He made no secret of the fact that he absolutely does not mind that his child was not born in his second marriage.

“Neither Clary nor I will fail, because years have gone by so quickly that I cannot be certain.” It can not fit the child.

How do I put it subtly? I’m honest: I didn’t miss it.

“I feel very ashamed to say that, but at first it was my mother, whom I had to take care of as a child.” It was a very important task in my life. Plus, I think somehow that should be the case – Klári Baláz has already admitted that on the show.

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