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Therefore, space travel can weaken the immune system

Microgravity has a dangerous effect on the human body, as was already recognized during the Apollo missions. Experts say that assessing and understanding this phenomenon is very important if we are to make long-term space travel safe.

One of the most important effects of the space environment is the weakening of the immune system. New one a study A team led by Millie Hughes Fulford of the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) has been able to find an explanation for this phenomenon, according to reports. University page.

Based on the results, changes in the activity of regulatory T cells may be caused by the weakening of the immune system. Regulatory T cells are the primary function of cells to suppress the immune system after defeating infection, at the same time changing the behavior of cells in a microgravity environment and suppressing the immune response prematurely.

University of California, San Francisco researcher and team member Jordan Spatz said space travel is becoming more common and the health concerns associated with it will increase. During the beginning of the space program, astronauts were quite young and healthy, as the number of commercial flights increased, and more and more older and less healthy people had access to outer space.

The latest study built on Hughes-Fulford’s previous work, which found that the response of T lymphocytes is impaired in microgravity.

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