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These 4 zodiac signs could get back together with your ex during Venus retrograde

These 4 zodiac signs could get back together with your ex during Venus retrograde

On Sunday, Venus begins retrograde in Leo. Venus retrograde helps to find balance in the relationship again, brings healing and helps those who find it difficult to open up to others. And the love of an ex may return to the life of 4 zodiac signs.


Venus is your ruling planet, and you are strongly influenced by its retrograde motion. If you’ve been in a relationship, now you have a chance to close some old questions and problems, so that the relationship can truly enter a new phase. And if you are currently single, you can get together with your ex right now. Is there someone you can’t get out of your head? Now is a great chance to meet again.

4 zodiac signs have a chance at getting back together with their exs (Photo: Shutterstock)


You are the most generous and warm of the zodiac signs. Venus retrograde in your sign can make you analyze the balance of give and take in your love life. This doesn’t mean you should lose your generosity, just pay attention to a healthy balance with your expectations. If you’re single, your ex may come back into your life now – and of course this can happen even if you’re currently with someone else…


In Leo, Venus awakens a passion in you or those around you that is directed towards you. There is someone who really cares about you. And during Venus retrograde, this is very likely your ex. If you still think about it a lot, why don’t you try again? If you can learn from your past mistakes, the planets are now giving you the green light for love.

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Retrograde Venus awakens old feelings within you. You may find yourself thinking a lot about someone from your past. It is also possible that you will be approached by someone who you thought had already closed the relationship. During Venus retrograde, it will be possible to fix what needs to be fixed.