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These are the characteristic symptoms of a delta variable

Headaches, sore throat, and runny nose are most commonly reported in people with the new type of coronavirus.

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The BBC’s news portal reported that headaches, sore throats and a runny nose are most common in people with the delta form of the new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2).

According to Tim Spector, head of research into the symptoms of Covid-19 caused by the novel coronavirus (Zoe Covid Symptom), the delta variant is very similar to acute rhinitis in young adults. They may not feel very ill, but they can infect and put others at risk.

According to the British Health Service (NHS), the classic symptoms of Covid-19 are coughing, fever, and loss of smell or taste. Spector told the BBC that based on data provided by thousands of sufferers via a mobile app, this data is now less common.

“Since the beginning of May, we have been monitoring the symptoms most common among app users and seeing that they have changed before,” he explained. The changes appear to be related to the delta variant, which was identified in India and which accounts for 90 per cent of cases currently identified in the UK.

Fever is very common, but loss of smell and taste is no longer among the top 10 symptoms.

The researcher thinks this is the source of many of the problems, as young people have milder symptoms anyway, “it feels like a more severe runny nose and something weird, feeling unwell” but it’s important to stay home and get tested.

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Imperial College London conducted a React study with over a million English participants when the country was still under the control of Alpha or the British variant. In addition to the typical symptoms, chills, loss of appetite, and muscle aches were found to be the most common symptoms.

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