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These bras are essential for training

A good sports bra not only protects the breasts from sagging in the long run but also eliminates shoulder and back problems. High-quality sports bras have to be paid for, but they are well worth the investment.

Correct choice is important (Image: Shutterstock)

Types of sports bra

Bras can be divided into three categories depending on the method of reinforcement. Compression bras hold the breasts firmly against the body using a strong, flexible material and there are no separate baskets. Basketball bras attach breasts to the basket, similar to classic bras. For larger breast sizes, this type is recommended. A hybrid is a mixture of the previous two, which also includes a basket and compression material.

Select for training

Low-support bras are adequate for yoga and stretching, but for hiking, cycling, and skiing, choose an upper with medium support. Running, conditioning or exercise definitely requires stronger (“high support”).

The type and style do not matter

What should it be? Twisting, Comfortable, Stitched on Top, Tied with Cross Straps, Squeeze, or Zipped? It’s best to try one of each and move around a little. If the bra is shrinking, slipping, or curling the hair, that’s not okay. It is also important that the soft material covering the breast fits well, as this gives you firmness.

What is it made of?

You may want to look at the combination of materials, which is highlighted on the little white sheet on the inside of the bra. The best materials are skin friendly, breathable, deodorant and hypoallergenic So it does not cause a rash even under the influence of heavy sweating. Like cotton, spandex.

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It should be replaced after one year

In addition to regular exercises, no sports bra can last more than a year. It is worth purchasing several pieces at once, because everyday washing degrades the quality.

Handle with care

It is usually recommended that you wash the sports bra by hand, with a soft cloth and in cold, lukewarm water. Water at 30-40 degrees is not good, and this leads to protrusion of the substance. Therefore, do not pinch it on a frigol, but rather spread it well on a smooth surface and let it dry.

Harmful madness among hobby runners

Hobby contestants give advice to each other in community forums. The best advice is to secure your breasts with duct tape. In addition to not supporting or providing support, the mixture of glue and sweat can also cause a severe allergic reaction.