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They are looking for a consensus to improve the healthcare system

The experts of KEKSZ, the Consensus for Health, have collaborated to promote the development of the healthcare system and build consensus on issues of political importance by involving as many trusted professionals as possible. For more details contact one of the founders of the group, Doctor. Balázs Rekassy Talk to your doctor and health manager

– What is the reason for this NGO?

All healthcare workers and patients who want to recover need a better organized, better, more efficient, efficient and transparent public health and health system that meets the needs of the population. The goal of KEKSZ is to develop a healthy strategy that makes this possible.

“Don’t you say that the current health administration doesn’t understand?” You don’t have a vision?

– The last time strategic planning in Hungarian healthcare was during the tenure of Minister of State Miklos Szowska, sometime between 2010 and 2011. At that time, a serious team of experts worked on reorganizing healthcare on a regional basis, assessing existing capabilities Develop a needs-based plan to fill the gaps. Then the entire professional program was laundered with politics. There are no plans today, and although I fully respect Minister Kásler, he looks back and searches for King Matthias’ tomb, and has no idea what’s going on in healthcare. The Secretary of State for Professional Leadership has not been heard from for some time. Today, we have come to the conclusion that health care is entirely in the interest of everyday politics. There is no overarching vision, a strategy that would cover the entire system, from finance to specific professional issues, and set development trends.

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KEKSZ was established to develop a strategy to improve healthcare. But what does the government say about this? Have you ever contacted EMMI?

“Yes, we have had attempts but have not received any response.” Also, there have been indications that we are certainly motivated by Sanda’s political interests, that is, we are opposed because we criticize the current system. Unfortunately, some of our members don’t even dare publicly agree to participate in our work. They fear that the hospital and the university where they work will face some kind of reprisal. And this is exactly what we want to rule out, that is, political influence. We want to discuss problems and possible solutions on the basis of purely professional aspects, i.e. health, economic, health and medical policy aspects. Then, on a strict consensual basis, we want to develop a feasible strategy. From this point of view, it does not matter who will win the election. We want to introduce new government plans that the vast majority of the profession can agree to and that will really help improve health care at home, improve the motivation, concern, and best interests of workers: finally improving the health of the community.