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They are the winners of the first semi-finals

Ibolya Oláh won the first semi-final of Song 2022 on Saturday with the song I Don’t Sell and the Third Planet, which reached the finals.

The program that was broadcast on the Danube included ten songs in audio format, three of which were submitted to the final by the jury.

The productions of Ibolya Oláh and Third Planet each received a maximum of 40 points from the jury. Behind them, the Subtones took third place with their song No Help, and also reached the final with 39 points.

Source: The Song 2022

The fourth runner-up was chosen by the audience with his votes, and the most votes were awarded to Bori Hegedűs song and Erik Tempfli, The Mother, who also made it to the finals.

The songs were sung by vocalist Katie Wolfe, a former contestant and jury member for The Song. Missy Mizu, singer and guitarist for Magna Cum Laude; Peter Egre, the head of the mysterious gang, who will serve on the jury for the first time this year; and Giorgi Firenze, Máté Péter Award-winning musician, singer and harmonica artist. The latter – because of his illness – this time Check-in from his home live. With them, viewers can search for the best Hungarian song of the year.

As an additional production for the first semi-final, Mez took to the stage with Misi Magna Cum Laude and performed the song Tomorrow Morning.

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