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They ask for pink wine for their emoji

The Pink Winemakers Association of Northern Italy is requesting a rose from the American Unicode Consortium.

The Internet Uniform Writing Systems standard is maintained by Unicode, California.

If we write to each other about wine on WhatsApp, Instagram or Facebook, we can use the emoji of a red wine glass, two glasses of toasted champagne or a bottle of champagne, but the icon representing the rose is completely missing, according to Franco Cristoforetti, President of Chiaretto and Bardolino Italian wine magazine.

According to Cristoforetti, Rosé has been pushed into the background for decades and still has a blemish, even though its demand has grown exponentially around the world for a few years.

At the request of Italian winemakers, Paffi Studio in Verona has produced an emoji called Pink Wine, which depicts two glasses of toasted wine filled with roses, with a pink heart also above them. They also want to support the application by collecting signatures, and the campaign will begin on June 21, Rossi’s Italian national day, with Cristoforetti himself the first signer.

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