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They can even take undocumented Ukrainian refugees from the UK to Rwanda

** Among Ukrainian refugees living in the UK, there is concern that illegal immigrants will be sent to Central African countries to consider refugee applications as the British government has signed an agreement with Rwanda.

Home Secretary Priti Patel recently visited the former British colony to sign an agreement – and to look for shelters for refugees.

At the London Refugee Center, volunteers say many Ukrainian families are coming home without paperwork and that the news has worried them. The government has not yet acknowledged that the new law will be a problem for them.

“I can not imagine taking them to another continent out of everything I know. None of us want to get to this point,” worries the Ukrainian refugee woman.

Many Ukrainian refugees come to the UK because there is a significant Ukrainian community living there. But due to administrative setbacks, many visa applications have not yet been processed, so many have entered the country illegally.

As Ireland has revoked the visa requirement for Ukrainian citizens, refugees arriving there will be able to enter the UK more easily via the Northern Ireland border under the Open Border Agreement.

“Will the government really send undocumented Ukrainians to Rwanda?” Asks our correspondent. “The government has confirmed that the system is technically designed, which was welcomed by some members of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party because they believe the system will divert illegal immigrants.”

Conservative MP Andrew Bridgen supports the government’s plan in Rwanda. “We have laws that make it easier to deport foreign criminals, and I think it’s important to include those who have committed the crime of entering the UK illegally and undocumented.”

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Home Secretary Euronews has said that Ukrainian citizens are not required to travel here illegally for the UK visa scheme.

“There is no reason for Ukrainian citizens to be undocumented in the UK,” says Prithi Patel. “They are here legally and legally by visa and refugee status.

The government has designed this policy to divert those who want to cross the English Channel. The fact that all this applies to undocumented Ukrainians may be an unplanned but undesirable consequence of the new law.