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They criticize the messaging practices of British politicians

Island ministers and other government members are currently free to remove content sent in messengers.

In the Cabinet, led by Boris Johnson, it is usual for politicians to send their messages using instant messaging services Signal or WhatsApp and then simply delete them. This is understandable even in the case of private letters, but by no means in terms of official correspondence. Two organizations, Citizens and foxglove That’s why he wanted it to reachTo prevent decision makers from removing these substances from their devices. So the organizations appealed to the UK High Court.

Citizens and Foxglove also criticized the fact that more and more important government business is done through instant messaging applications. The program has an auto-delete feature that allows you to delete the selected content in seconds. The organizations pointed out that the government acknowledged that its members had activated this feature, and therefore did not allow important discussions to take place due to the loss of information.

They believe that transparency and democratic accountability will also cease. It is therefore unacceptable to hide political decisions from the electorate. This hidden evidence may also be linked to the UK’s exit from the European Union or the coronavirus pandemic. The goal is for Prime Minister Boris Johnson to ban these practices.

The UK Supreme Court has a comprehensive legal investigation Command on the rules of government members. Thus, one of the government documents became known, which states that the possibility of instant messaging is available to all members of the Cabinet and that routine communications should be preferred over emails. It is also important that this connection does not need to be authenticated. In personal and group chats, keep history must be turned off and content must be “unrecoverable” after conversations.

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