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They fell for each other because of a woman

Years ago, Majka and Kembe Sorel fell for a nightclub. Celebrities today are smiling at what happened, but then the security guards had to break them up.

“We used to go to Ózd for a lot of disco in Ózd. I was getting ready to dance when a little guy came across me. He said, ‘Hey, that’s my girl!’ Of course there was someone on my lap. I don’t have a boyfriend. So we went to the entrance and gave it to each other. After Ten years ago we met the gentleman again. His name is Peter Majoros, today you know that Majka”- Kimbe Sorrell said then Bliknik Tell me how it was with following up on the story.

Photo: Istvan Bilyk – Orego

“I made a clip of Majka with an Indian two years ago, and there was a discussion about that in Siófok. I remember we were sitting across from each other and we were just looking at each other because we both knew each other from somewhere. In the end, it was Majka who asked me not to remember him. Then he remembered this disco incident, which immediately flashed to me, but by that time we were laughing a lot.” He said. “The security guards broke us up relatively quickly, but if I remember correctly, we collected one or two monoculars from the other. Of course I must say now that I won. I know I never saw that girl again because I came home the next day , but I know that Majka liked her very much at the time, and her anger was understandable.” he added.

“I think I was probably 16 and Sorel maybe 20. There was a bit of a push, sure, but we’ve been okay since then, and we’re laughing about it together today.” Majka commented.

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