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They fenced the bus too! Hundreds gathered to celebrate the Italian national team

The Italian national team arrived in Rome on Monday morning, and hundreds were already waiting for them at Fiumicino Airport. During the day, thousands greeted the team bus, which made a short trip much slower than planned through the capital because it was difficult to drive and had to stop several times.

Photo: MTI/AP Pool/Paul Ellis

Head of state Sergio Mattarella and Prime Minister Mario Draghi also hosted the Italian soccer team in the European Football Championship on Monday.

“Today is not a day of words, but of applause and thanksgiving.” Mattarella said. He added that their national team deserved to win because they were at a disadvantage in Sunday’s final in two respects: on the one hand, their opponent, England, played at Wembley, and on the other hand, the Italians scored an early goal. The second minute, which “He would force anyone to kneel.”

After taking joint photos Roberto Mancini This victory is proof that whoever firmly believes in what he is doing can make his dream come true, said Captain Federal.

“It is a great honor to be here. We commend this success to the Italians who can finally celebrate with us.” The Italian manager said.

Prime Minister Mario Draghi noted that sport today leaves a lasting imprint in the history of countries.

“You are now making history with your sprints, your goals and your defenses.” Draghi said.

Late Sunday evenings, thousands took to the streets across the country, lighting torches, singing and dancing, celebrating the national team’s success together. The Italian national team arrived in Rome early in the morning and hundreds had already gathered at Fiumicino Airport.

During the day, thousands greeted the team bus, which made the short journey through the capital much slower than planned due to the difficulty of driving and had to stop several times.

The original time in the final match between England and Italy on Sunday ended in a 1-1 draw, no goals were scored in extra time, and the Italians won on penalties, who became European champions again after 1968 and were unbeaten in 34 matches.

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But the English language has a scandal because of The football celebration has ended in shame A Wembley Ben.

Fans celebrate the Italian national football team’s victory in Rome Photo: MTI/AP/Gregorio Borgia