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They finally made video games that don’t exist for fake ads

They finally made video games that don’t exist for fake ads

If you play video games and use social media, you are likely to come across ads featuring the world’s dumbest player screwing up the world’s simplest puzzles. Perhaps the most famous of them is the wars of heroes, Including more than 900 (!!!) different ads It’s there, and every version it’s in has been implemented.

The game itself, of course, is not at all like advertising, but after a hundred and fifty times it must have occurred to many that they would like to defeat increasingly stronger opponents in a huge tower and add the number above their heads to their number, in order to defeat even stronger opponents. Or I want to get the treasure which requires pulling the large metal bars in a specific order into a side structure.

Well, now there’s an opportunity for that, because Monkeycraft, who also works on real games, has taken it upon themselves and made a batch of them in a large, sticky-figure collection. The name of the game is that Yes! You want “those games”, right? So there you go! Now, let’s see you clear them!, This is an approx that’s it! You want “those” games, right? Well they are here! Now let’s see you remove it!

In addition to the trailer above Here is the official website this too The game’s Steam page, where you can buy “those” games for 10 euros, which you can play for as long as you want. Unfortunately, the camo commercials for Mafia City, which have inspired countless memes, weren’t made with the mandatory Level 1 and Level 100 duels, and Legendary locations from Rise of Kingdoms And don’t show, as amateur actors play the role of not marrying their fiancĂ© because they don’t have 50 million points in the game.

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