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They found the remains of a centipede the size of a car

One Arthropods Century-old fossils have been discovered in northern England, he writes Cambridge University website. Arthropods lived about 326 million years ago.

The discovery indicates that it is Arthropods It was the largest invertebrate animal of all time.

Its centipede grew larger than its previous tops, the sea scorpions.

Nobumichi Tamura / Stocktrek Images / Getty Images clarification.

The external skeleton of the English specimen consists of several parts and is very similar to today’s centipedes. It is the largest and oldest to date Arthropods– Fossil, however, only two similar finds have been found before. It is estimated that the animal may be 2.7 meters long and 50 kilograms in weight.

The remains were discovered in 2018, but a post outlining his investigation has just been published. The fossil is preserved by a piece of sandstone that fell on the shore, Dr. Neil DavisThe team member said the discovery was very fortunate. When the centipede lived, the climate may be in the equatorial region.

Experts plan to continue examining the discovery. Researchers believe that ArthropleuraHe had to consume a diet rich in nutrients in order to grow quite large, and his body size was also supported by the high oxygen levels typical for that period. Centipedes existed about 45 million years ago, and the reason for their extinction may have been climatic changes.

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