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They killed a spell on a Greek island, a friend’s seal

A seal friend, nicknamed Costis, who was a mascot of a Greek island, Alonissi, was killed in a protected area. According to MOm, a Greek NGO for the protection of Mediterranean seals, the animal was culled with a harpoon rifle at close range.

The animal was found alive after the destruction of a major sea storm in 2018, Cyclone Zorbas, but is extremely vulnerable in the Aegean, on the small island of Folegandros. Named after the hunter who found it, Custis has been caring for locals and movement activists for months. After his recovery, he was released back into the wilderness, but the little seal didn’t fit near people, often basking in boats in the port of Alonissos, providing a photographic subject for tourists.

The Mediterranean seal is an endangered species. The Greek island favorite of Alonissos and Northern Sporades National Park, Greece’s first protected marine park, and Europe’s largest marine national park, has been killed.

According to a report by the Greek news agency ANA, the destruction of the famous seal angered the Greeks and a civic initiative was launched to identify the culprit. Nearly half of the endangered Mediterranean fur seals live in Greece. (MTI)

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