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They may launch an investigation against Apple and Google

The The Wall Street Journal According to his information, another investigation may be launched soon against Apple and Google, this time regarding ad tracking identifiers. According to four US lawmakers, the two companies engaged in harmful practices in which they collected and profited from personal data from users.

You may still remember that last year Apple introduced a practice called “App Tracking Transparency,” which gives iPhone and iPad owners the option to opt out of ad tracking. Facebook, which earns a lot of its income from advertising, was surprised by this, as the campaign cost the social networking site a lot, and Meta shares also started to fall as a result.

Despite this, two US senators and two delegates sent a letter to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to open an investigation against both Apple and Google. The lawmakers say the two companies intentionally facilitated the harmful practice of collecting and selling user data by creating ad-specific tracking identifiers in the mobile operating systems they developed.

US politicians also acknowledge that the two companies have previously taken steps to provide users with more data protection options. One of them was the aforementioned “application tracking transparency” on the part of Apple, but Google also plans to offer something similar. At the same time, they added that the Tracking ID was turned on by default on Apple devices, and it was very difficult for users to find a way to deactivate it for a long time, as for Google, it was not possible to turn it on. From tracking until recently.

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A Google spokesperson told the Wall Street Journal that they don’t sell user data, and such a thing is strictly off-limits to app developers as well. According to the search giant’s view, the advertising identifier was created to give users more control over which ads target them, and for developers to access ad revenue through the apps they create in a more private way.

The essence of the ad identifier is that users can receive more personalized ads. The Investigation Movement states that although these identifiers are anonymous, they can be used to identify the device and its owner. It is not yet known whether the Federal Trade Commission will comply with the order and actually launch an investigation against Google and Apple, but we note that this is not the first serious accusation in a relatively short period of time against them – allegedly collusion – a giant tech company.

source: PhoneArena

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