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They swapped the photo revealing Talie’s face, causing some frustration that year

In the Mass Effect Legendary Edition, the image showing Tali Falsely, one of the most important characters in the role-playing trilogy, has been replaced. Although this is a very small change in practice, it could still matter to many, because one of the most exciting mysteries of Mass Effect is how a character who constantly wears a mask would look like. The answer anno caused some frustration, which is likely why BioWare decided to make the change. Maybe I need not say, but from now on, the article is rabid Spoilers it will be.

a Eurogamer Note that early yesterday, the day the legendary release was released, a video was posted on YouTube reporting this change. Tali in the trilogy belongs to the quarian, that is, a type of human being whose members have a rather weak immune system, so they are constantly wearing special clothing that covers them from head to toe. Tally is the only character besides Garrus who can be picked as a teammate in all three parts of the trilogy (and also Liara if we’re back in DLC for Part Two here), so he was particularly excited about players’ imaginations of what it might look like. This eventually appeared in Mass Effect 3 as the player got into a romantic relationship with the stranger. At times like these, an image of a woman’s face appeared in the cabin of the protagonist, Commander Sheppard, which could be seen closely. This is what it looked like in the original Mass Effect 3

The image disappointed some players because, as it turned out later, BioWare simply converted a stock image of a real person, which on this link They can even watch it. It’s so surprising, for example, that two of a woman’s toes were just cut from the photo, because the Quarians only have three toes. However, in the legendary version, Tally has already got his regular image, and here it is:

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Mass Effect 3 had an even bigger fatal flaw than that, its original endings (which were nothing They contain Or different) were regularly disliked by a large portion of the audience. The Legend Edition improves the situation by primarily including an extended ending, which results in better closing events.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition PC-re, Xbox One-ra, Xbox Series X / S-re, PlayStation 4-re, and PlayStation 5-re are great.