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They teased LeBron, and threw two drops out of the hall

LeBron James He made the most productive game of the season in Indiana, defeating the Los Angeles Lakers away to 124-116 after overtime. However, it is not the sports websites that write about the match in the first place, but that

Two fans drove out of the hall.

The teams were already ahead, with two and a half minutes remaining and the Lakers leading 117-114. James, coming back from a one-game suspension after his ordeal against Detroit, then began pointing hard at two drunks sitting on the sidelines, who were then pushed off their seats and sent off. James later said that when someone shows lewd things and shouts them, they can’t be tolerated.

LeBron James finished the match with a stunning hat-trick shortly thereafter.

NBA, regular season

Cleveland Cavaliers – Phoenix Suns 115-120
Houston Rockets – Chicago Bulls 118-113
Indiana Pacers – Los Angeles Lakers 116-124 – after overtime
Golden State Warriors – Philadelphia 76ers 116-96
Boston Celtics – Brooklyn Nets 104-123
Milwaukee Bucks-Detroit Pistons 114-93
Orlando Magic Charlotte Hornets 99-106
Memphis Grizzlies – Toronto Raptors 113-126
Minnesota Timberwolves – Miami Heat 113-101
New Orleans Pelicans – Washington Wizards 127-102
Oklahoma City Thunder Utah Jazz 104-110
San Antonio Spurs – Atlanta Hawks 106-124
Sacramento Kings-Portland Trail Blazers 125-121

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