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They were less than that, and one of Majka’s rivals had already pulled out

After the fun select shows that took place on Sunday night at Star, I’m going to be a star! His first live show, in which the bands Babbitt Colo, Gabby Tooth, Majka, and Papa Juicy participated for the first time. Liza Vincze won the fewest votes this evening, so the competition ended quickly for her, with 11 vocalists vying for the title of Female Multiplayer of the Year and the top ten million prize next week.

Alfred Huds, who competed on Team Majka, opened the live show with a Will Smith song. He got 24 points from the professors out of a maximum of 30 points for him As a general rule, a jury member whose opponent is on stage may not vote. Joci of Pápai followed and Pál-Baláž Karmen Pink received a total of 23 points for his first production. Idina Urban was the first to introduce Gabe Toth, who blew the studio into Irene Kara’s skin, earning 26 points for much praise.

David Karas scored 26 points as the captain of One Republic, and Zora Finchley debuted in the form of Italian-French dance singer Caterina Valenti with 24 points.

The only contestant for Majka appeared before the jury as Jennifer Lopez’s song Liza Vincze scored 22 points. István Csiszár performed a live show with one of Shaggy’s most popular songs, and the jury liked it so much that it was uttered out of Majka’s mouth that it was one of the show’s high chances. During the evening, he was the first to get a maximum of 30 points, and everyone praised her.

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Szilvia Szakács, the series’ youngest contestant, helped Babett Köll prepare and scored 29 points as Janet Jackson at the premiere. Krisztofer Balogh’s progress was never a problem before, he did not let his master down, Gabi Tóth praised him for a long time, and he got 30 points from others for the song Emilio. Márkó Gábor hit one of BTS’ songs, the South Korean band Bangtan Boys, and finished with 23 points.

Lili Krizsán arrived as Andi Tóth, with whom the masters had a long dispute, and finally managed to leave the stage with 24 points. The evening concluded with singer Gaby Toth: Zolt Szak arrived with the much-acclaimed Aretha Franklin song, delivering 28 points among the best in its first live show.

At the end of the first round, Stephane Chechar and Christopher Balogh tied for first place, and at the end of the list, Marco Gabor, Carmen Balai and Lisa Vinci finished. The points obtained from the jury were converted into competition points from 1 to 12, then all the votes of the spectators were added to this list, thus compiling the total list provided by Tilla in detail. The evening was won by Christopher Balogh, who became the best singer in the first live broadcast.

At the end of the second round of voting, it turned out that Lisa Finch and Marco Gabor were in danger, and could still be cast briefly in a minute and a half, Then at the end of the show, Liza Vincze had to say goodbye to TV2’s talent scout.