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They will not travel to England despite the opening

In the UK, people are gradually starting to return to their previous way of life. There are plans to relaunch tourism throughout Europe, including in England.

Despite the opening, some British MPs are of the opinion that it is not yet time to travel abroad. They write that they consider it too risky and fear another wave of coronavirus Watchman.

The permit to travel for tourism purposes will begin on May 17, and is now on the agenda.

Vacations abroad should be avoided even if they become legal

Submitted by a group of members.

Members of the government are planning a so-called traffic light system that would classify countries into red, green and yellow. Several destinations will be placed in the red zone as soon as possible.

The UK government must reject all international leisure flights to prevent new types of virus from being imported into the country

– Read the suggestion.

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Among the counterarguments, for example, it was argued that travel was the epicenter of the second wave’s spread.

The recommendation also calls for stricter border controls and security standards at all potential entry points into the UK.

The report also stresses the need for an international standard for documentation detailing the results of Covid tests and vaccines.

Every day, they encounter more than a hundred fake security certificates. The situation can be uncomfortable for many families whose relatives live abroad.

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