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Third vaccination: These side effects can be expected after the third vaccination

Those waiting for vaccination are anxious, and vaccinators – in the absence of experience – are still at a loss when asking the question, what are the side effects of the third vaccination compared to the second vaccination? According to the reports of thousands of people in Israel who have been vaccinated for the third time, the fear of a third stab is not necessary.

Side effects of the third vaccine

The danger posed by the delta type of coronavirus is increasing. It seems For those who belong to vulnerable groups, such as the elderly and those with weak immune systems A third vaccination may help To fight infection and serious diseases Risks are reduced.

However, vaccination Whether it is a vaccine produced by any technology, may necessarily be associated with side effects – to some extent, mild or more severe side effects.

The concerns of those waiting to be vaccinated are understandable and the question for vaccinators is legitimate:

What are the side effects of taking the third vaccine compared to the second vaccine?

In addition to the earlier meditations and predictions, the initial experience now enriches the knowledge. You don’t seem afraid of the third stab.

Are there more or fewer side effects from the third vaccine than from the second vaccine?

US experts previously stated that advances in the Covid-19 vaccine line could lead to an increased incidence of (serious) side effects. That is, it was believed that the third vaccine could cause more complaints than the second or first vaccine.

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There have also been experts, like Amesh Adalja of the Johns Hopkins University Center for Health Security, who have said the third dose will be no “worse” than the second when we look at the side effects. The third vaccine called the preliminary scientific results obtained with a dose of the booster also suggested: the antibody response was significant during Side effects are similar to those seen after the second dose.

What do those who have already passed the third vaccination say?

In Israel, a few days ago, elderly people (over 60 years of age) could have had their third vaccination. There, in almost all cases, this means giving a third Pfizer vaccine after the two previous Pfizer vaccinations. Over the past few days, hundreds of thousands of Israelis have been vaccinated against the “booster” Pfizer. One questionnaire As part of this, 4,500 of them also reported side effects.

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According to Israeli data, elderly people (over 60 years of age) who received a third Pfizer vaccine experienced similar or fewer side effects after the third mRNA dose compared to the second Pfizer vaccine.

  • 88% of respondents felt the same or better the day after the third vaccination compared to after the second vaccination.
  • 31% of respondents reported few adverse reactions, the most common of which was injection site pain.
  • 0.4% said they had difficulty breathing after the third vaccination, and 1% said they received medical treatment for one or more side effects after taking the third dose.
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Although there is no long-term research on the efficacy and safety of the third booster dose, these (Israeli) findings support the benefits of fortification for personal risk management in individuals over 60 years of age.

Says the Israeli specialist Professor Balisr.

Dr. Boday Mariana Ph.D.

professional pharmacist