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This ancient herb has a serious effect on your mental balance

This Iranian “miracle medicine” is called red gold, and saffron can restore peace of mind besides being a popular herb.

It is measured in gold but at the same time it heals your soul

Saffron is one of the oldest medicinal herbs and is also called red gold. Its beneficial effects were already reported nearly 4000 years ago, in the ancient writings, and nowadays more and more specialists are involved in verifying its known and proven medicinal effects over thousands of years through clinical research, he writes in his article: Doctor of the Day.

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Saffron contains important antioxidants that contribute to defending against stress and maintaining a healthy balance in the body.

Most clinical trials focus on studying the antidepressant effects of saffron. It is also commonly used for its “balancing”, mood-regulating and stress-relieving effect.

– said Evelyn Heckenberger-Nagy, psychologist and nutritionist, who also confirmed that the ancient plant can restore the balance of free radicals, and therefore its regular consumption can improve mood and put an end to mood disorders.

With sunshine spices for peace of mind

“It happens to all of us that sometimes we have a bad mood for a long time, especially in the winter period, and depression can appear more. To restore our mental balance, the use of natural active ingredients is becoming more and more popular these days. For example, many clinical studies have been conducted On saffron, according to which it can be an effective solution in such situations. At the same time, it is important to emphasize that if we feel that our symptoms are serious, we should definitely consult a specialist immediately “

The paper writes the words of the expert.

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